Holiday: done Holiday: done

Holiday: done

#holiday #holiday #holiday #holiday #holiday #holiday

#holiday #holiday #holiday

Strong look Strong look

Strong look

The Strokes The Strokes

The Strokes



Don't try this in Los Angeles

It’s well known that LA is a car town, but it doesn’t really hit you quite what that means until you get there. To someone from Europe well versed in how cities can sprawl – or not – you think “sure, everyone drives in LA, I get it”. But you really don’t. It’s woven so deep into the very fibre...

Hi there, I'm David. This is my website. I work in music doing marketing. On occasion I've been known to write a thing or two. And sometimes I take photos. Please drop me a line and say hello.

Amateur Hour

The other week I had lunch with a friend – the sort of lazy, Saturday-with-no-real-plans kind of lunch where you’re there so long one meal time merges into the next – and during our tenure a friend of his joined us. Let’s call this friend “Jack”. Jack identifies himself as a Youtuber.


Make A Scene by Shamir Make A Scene by Shamir

Make A Scene by Shamir

What Went Down by Foals What Went Down by Foals

What Went Down by Foals

Dreams by Beck Dreams by Beck

Dreams by Beck

Quick! Let's release a record!

I am sitting in a small cafe in southern Alabama. The south’s reputation for friendliness is proving well founded, and quickly the barista has coaxed a significant amount of my life story out of me; probably more then I’ve told several people I would consider friends back in London. It’s quite...



Day 3 Day 3

Day 3

Glastonbury: done Glastonbury: done

Glastonbury: done

Hype Cycles

“If you start to feel sick just take it off and you’ll be fine in a minute.”

These words – uttered by the person operating a computer, oversized goggles and corresponding tangle of wires – are just one of the many reasons why the latest wave of virtual reality is, with depressing...

@frankcarter23 is back @frankcarter23 is back

@frankcarter23 is back

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Do you really mean it?

Frank Carter stands on the bar at the back of the room. With one hand he steadies himself against the low roof, with the other he clutches the microphone, the wire winding its way over the top of the audience, back to the stage. The atmosphere is akin to what would happen if you shut the door...