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What We Can Learn

It’s about 7pm on a dark November Friday. The weather has turned from unseasonably warm to appropriately bitter. That hasn’t stopped the shoppers flocking to one of the capitals premiere shopping destinations, however. They mill around, bags in tow, flicking Christmas signs lighting up their...

Milo day 2 Milo day 2

Milo day 2

Scottish seas Scottish seas

Scottish seas

Paris 🇫🇷 Paris 🇫🇷

Paris 🇫🇷

Hi there, I'm David. This is my website. I work in music doing marketing. On occasion I've been known to write a thing or two. And sometimes I take photos. Please drop me a line and say hello.

I Want My MTV

You’ve watched Making A Murderer, haven’t you? And of course when I say watched I really mean binged, episode after episode flickering past in a haze of instant entertainment addiction. If you haven’t watched that show, you will almost certainly be familiar with the experience.

Making A...

Freaks and Weirdos

When I was at school you could roughly divide people into three different camps: firstly, most obviously, you had the cool kids. If, in another life, I had gone to class in Northern California I guess I would have called them jocks. You know the type.

At the other end of the spectrum – and...

Ruthie x Le Bump x Paris Ruthie x Le Bump x Paris

Ruthie x Le Bump x Paris

Music in 2030

Flying cars, hoverboards, and self-drying jackets — predicting the future is hard.

However, if we’re just to focus on music right now, it’s a fascinating time. Certain things are falling into place, which means that the path is maybe—just maybe—becoming clearer for the minute. At...

Friday night Friday night

Friday night



Rough seas & fresh air Rough seas & fresh air

Rough seas & fresh air

Easter lie-in Easter lie-in

Easter lie-in

Due date (no sign yet) Due date (no sign yet)

Due date (no sign yet)


If you work in the UK music industry, 2015 is probably proving to be quite a confusing year. Several elements that have been brewing for a while have now all snapped into relevance, turning everything upside down in the process.

For example, exactly how should you release a single now?


🎄🎄🎄 🎄🎄🎄