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Koko in Camden has a stupid camera policy

17 October 2006

This post is mostly going to be for the benefit of Google as I checked on Google first and turned up nothing.

Koko in Camden has a pretty stupid policy and what cameras it lets in; basically, if you’re camera looks “professional” you can’t take it in and it has to go in the cloakroom. “Normal” cameras are let in fine.

For reference, my camera is a Minolta Dimage 7 – these days you certainly wouldn’t class it as a professional camera (it’s only 5mp for a start) but it does look quite “pro”.

So to all you gig-going photographers – beware!

It’s a shame really – I was hoping to post up some pictures of the rather excellent Rapture who played tonight, but not to worry. They were very good, though – it’s always nice to see a band where you know all the songs. Interestingly, they were much, much better the Klaxons last week.

Make of that what you will.