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Black Country, New Road - 'Live at Bush Hall'

22 February 2023

Black Country, New Road are a fascinating band. Up until last year, a music journalist would have probably focused on the dry wit of their lyrics and the wry delivery of lead singer Isaac Wood, both of which were the cornerstones of a sound that was taking them to bigger and bigger audiences. And then, on the eve of their second album release, he quit.

They were always more than just one person, though. And so, they have continued, reconfigured, and got on with it—continuing to tour, but with all new material. It’s still great—different, of course—but the spark that made them interesting in the first place is still very much intact.

‘Live at Bush Hall’ is a statement of intent—a full live performance film of brand new material, complete with a dose of theatre and artistic rigour. The vibe is Arcade Fire (without the problematic overtones) meets the best high-school band that ever was:

UPDATE: This has now been released as a proper live album, and it’s glorious: Black Country, New Road – Live at Bush Hall

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