21 August 2006

Over the weekend, David Watanabe, the developer of a couple of well regarded mac apps NewsFire and Inquisitor ran a promotion via his blog where you could get Inquisitor for free if you bought NewsFire. Nothing wrong with that – you can’t really complain about good old fashioned sales techniques.

Now, to boost up the visibility of the promotion he also offered a free copy of Inquisitor to anyone that blogged about the sale – this is where we enter murky waters. Just to make it clear, I don’t have a problem with what David’s doing – he’s just trying to shift product, after all (and freebies make the world go round…) – but the reaction across the blogosphere (we need to come up with a better name) has been eye opening, to say the least.

Over the weekend across most of the mac blogs I read there’s been a plague of “Check out this great promotion” posts. Check out this search on Technorati . What gets me, though, is how many of them (the overwhelming majority) don’t mention that they’re getting a freebie for posting about it:

Now, I’ve just taken 3 almost at random (I went for blogs I’ve heard of), but these are pretty representative.

I think we may have caught a lot of people with their pants down.

How many blog posts have similar carrots behind them that we just don’t know about? I think it’s quite fascinating that all these people think that no-one is going to notice that they are so easily bought.

So, take note of all the blogs on that Technorati search; you can’t trust them any more.

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