28 April 2011

I was >this< close to redesigning this site yet again.

Regular readers will know that this is a reoccurring addiction of mine.

I even got as far as Dribbbleing some crops from a work in progress design, but – at least for now – it’s all for naught. I just couldn’t quite get it right: close, but no cigar. I liked bits of it, but the overall layout didn’t seem to quite work.

When I thought about it – after, of course, staring at it in Photoshop for hours nudging bits left and right and swapping colours back and forth – I realised that maybe I just needed to tweak the current design, instead of scrapping it completely.

I had two main goals with the redesign, both of which born out of the fact that these days most of the time I use an iPad to browse the web. It needed to look better at smaller sizes, and also I needed to be able to post more easily from my iPad.

Tackling that second point first, there’s no doubt I post less then I used to; this is down to two things I think: firstly, I have way less time then I used to, mostly down to work, and the nature of what I do now is that I think way more about the things I used to blog about as my job, so they have a less public outlet. The second point though is that for a while now on this site I’ve been using massive per-post designed images that go with every full blog post. This was great when I was using a laptop full time, as I’d just fire up Photoshop and knock something together. Now though, it just puts that mental barrier up of “I need to do that on the laptop”, which is enough to royally scupper things.

So, the first thing I did was remove the requirement of this design for the per-post images – although they still can be there if I have the urge. The text is the most important thing though, and hopefully it will be more forthcoming in future. Or I’ll think of another excuse. Either way.

The second point was fairly straightforward to achieve as well – this site is now fully responsive, meaning that it uses CSS media queries to serve up slightly different layouts depending on the browser viewport size. If you try making your browser window smaller you’ll see what I mean. It’s really an extension of the fluid width design principals that I’ve always been a fan of, and to be honest it should never have taking me this long to implement it…

I’ve also tweaked a whole bunch of other little things, but I bet no-one will able to tell what other then me…

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